Ready to confidently book  more,
just by being  more  you?

Introducing Unlocking your Authenticity: A four week comedy-acting and mindset intensive led by Mindset Mentor and former Associate Casting Director, Shannon Bills

You know you’re a talented actor, but you get stuck in constant loops of self doubt and worry, obsessing over how you come off and trying to get it “perfect”. 

You’re not alone. As a former associate casting director, I’ve seen some of the most talented actors I’ve ever encountered show this same pattern. They hold themselves back not because they lack skill, but because they doubt themselves. 

The key to wowing in every scene, booking more, and mesmerizing your audience isn’t rehearsing more, honing your technique,
or taking another acting class…

It's owning who you are, and tapping into your natural authenticity and  It Factor. It's learning to bring more YOU into your work.


Unlocking Your Authenticity 

A four week comedy-acting and mindset intensive led by Mindset Mentor and former Associate Casting Director, Shannon Bills 

Testimonials from the real stars of the show

Let me  set the scene...

You walk into every audition feeling like “I’ve got this” and effortlessly connect with the material and character

You feel confident in what you bring to the table and don’t get caught up in anxious thought spirals and worry, so you bring your full presence and magnetism to every scene

You know exactly how to make any role your own and bring yourself into it in a way that feels good to you and connects with your audience

This is what’s inside my one and only four week class for actors.

This isn’t just another acting class…

Harness your unique magic and bring it into every scene 

Strengthen your relationship with yourself and discover who you are as an actor

Drop the cycle of self doubt, questioning, and limiting beliefs so that you can show up as your fullest, most expressed self in every scene and access your full potential

Master different approaches to booking multi cam and single cam comedies

 Meet Shannon Bills.

Shannon has cast over 50 multi cam and single cam comedies for networks and streaming services like NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, Hulu, Freeform, TVLand, Netflix, Comedy Central, and Peacock. In the audition room, she would see first-hand what would get an actor’s audition to producers and book a role, and she would also see what would break an actor’s performance. Her passion for helping actors and her years of studying mindset and energy work led her to a deeper calling- leaving casting to act as an audition, mindset, and confidence coach. In under four years, she has led hundreds and hundreds of actors to empowerment, to book multiple co-star, guest star and series regular roles, to signing with top agents and managers, and letting the certainty of their authenticity shine and lead the way in an industry that can be uncertain.

It doesn't matter if  casting loves you.
Do  you love you? 

This four-week zoom intensive is all about finding who you are as an actor, bringing more of you into a scene, learning the different approaches to booking multi cam and single cam comedies.. all while feeling empowered by simply being YOU! You’ll see first hand how Shannon’s mindset techniques create major shifts in your acting career. 

SPECIAL GUEST: Associate Casting Director Danny Dunitz will be guest teaching for the last week of the intensive to offer his expertise. Danny does not teach classes or workshops, so this is an amazing opportunity to build a connection together! You can check out his casting credits here:

“The work I have done with Shannon (both mindset and acting technique) led me to booking my first two co-stars and multiple pins for great projects. I can confidently say it was the work I did with Shannon that led me to that shift in my career.” - Kelsey

“Shannon is on top of her coaching game! She’s very passionate about helping others and has a very special way of bringing spirituality into acting and everything that goes on behind the scenes. She knows the feelings you have before, during, and after an audition and she will find a way to relax you to bring out your best. I’ve seen such a big improvement in myself because she has helped me be more comfortable in the situation. I can’t stress enough how incredible she is as not only an acting coach but a positive life mentor. ” - Gregory

Shannon does such an incredible job of reminding you to ground your audition to who you are as a person. She really works to help you bring your full and complete self to the character. After working with her I booked my first-ever co-star!” - Ariana 

"Shannon has an ability to connect with an actor in such an authentic way. I felt seen and supported each week by her and my fellow classmates because Shannon set the tone for a safe, positive environment. Her ability to tailor her method to each of us was really refreshing. This class really helped me let go of all the nonsense going on in my head and get back in touch with why I am an actor in the first place. I’m genuinely grateful to have taken this class and look forward to incorporating what I learned here into my acting!" -Aphrodite

"I do workshops and classes all the time, and Shannon’s comedy intensive is the first of its kind. It really created a safe and welcoming environment where we could share and grow with each other. It was the first time I've been in an online class where I have come out feeling like I had made friends and connections. Shannon is genuinely one of the most caring and empathic souls. She will help you grow and never make you regret trying something or taking a chance in front of her. She nurtures not only your acting skills but also your emotional and spiritual side as well which I think is so important. Her ideas and exercises helped me to embrace myself for who I really can be instead of shying away from it. Shannon is really dedicated to her students. She is invested in you as a person and actor. Thanks Shannon, you are gonna change the world of acting and coaching." - Farooq 

"Shannon is a light for all actors! Shannon helps you to slow down, reflect, and figure out who you are as an actor. Shannon gives you the confidence of bringing your authentic self to the table rather than someone you think casting wants you to be. She does all of this while upping your comedy game! Thank you Shannon for an incredible four weeks!"- Hannah

"I so enjoyed Shannon's Unlocking Your Authenticity class. She creates such a supportive, welcoming environment while combining scene work with powerful mindset exercises. This career can be challenging and it can be amazing. I love that Shannon's class gives you the tools to be kinder to yourself during those challenges and reminds you to celebrate your wins. It doesn't just focus on acting technique, but getting back in touch with your "why" and finding the ways to bring specificity to each role by being your authentic self."- Rebecca




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5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23. 


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