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hey there, i'm shannon.

Mindset Mentor, 

Energy Healing Heroine,

Manifestation Maven,

and your biggest fan.

Feeling stuck in your personal growth? Whether you're no longer vibing with yourself or your partner, seeking a new career path, or upleveling your current one, breaking free from old friend groups, or burnt out with zero motivation- I see you, friend. And here's the good news: getting UNSTUCK is so much easier than you think! Let me help you change your mindset and energy, so opportunities and manifestations find you faster. If the saying “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” was a person .. it’s me, hi.





then pivoted to Associate Casting Director of eight years for major TV networks like Netflix, Hulu, Freeform, NBC, CBS etc., to then Audition Coach, to now Mindset Mentor, Energy Healer, and Intuitive Guide. What to expect from working with me? Intuitive guidance, freedom, the highest levels of self worth and transformative tools like you’ve never experienced before. 

Hey, I'm Shannon. And I never let a good crisis go to waste..or a dance floor. I’ve treated every obstacle in my life as an invitation to grow and have taught hundreds of my students to do the same with my mindset and energy healing techniques. I’m incredibly good at answering my calling and helping people find theirs. I started my working career as a child actor, 

I empower you with the tools you need to


Stop letting your ego dictate what’s achievable for you.

It’s time to put your higher self in the driver’s seat. Let’s ignite a future version of you. The one that cuts the BS out of their mind and who attracts their desires effortlessly. With my transformative services rooted in healing you from the inside out, we’ll unlock your hidden potential, shift your mindset and align your energy with the life you divinely deserve!

NOW is the time to take your power back and remember who you are.

The peace and perspective I’ve gained, along with the tools I can forever lean on, have helped me open (and close) doors that I know will pave the way for the future I want for myself. It’s hard to sum up the arch I experienced in just 12 weeks, but man do I feel good to be on this end of it. Whether you’re a creative, executive, entrepreneur, or just someone looking to heal - you will likely really benefit from her work.

 Shannon’s mindset class came at the perfect time.

Daniella Monet

The mindset class was great. I have grown so much it's unreal. my spirit was lifted so many times, it was like shedding to become the butterfly I felt inside. Before I started the class I knew nothing about mind work and how It could really help me, but I was amazed at what I could heal within by focusing on my light and aligning myself . Thank you ! Thank you !

Life changing !
Completely life changing.

Nadine Marissa

while creating a fun, nurturing and uplifting community to go through my process with. Shannon has interpreted the principles she teaches in a unique and beautiful way, making them accessible and digestible to anyone. I gained a deeper understanding of myself, and learned tools that can support every aspect of my life. Furthermore, her intuition and insights are always spot freaking on. I'm so grateful I seized the opportunity to work with her and experience her magic.

Shannon has a GIFT for helping people transform their mindset,


I've been a hustler all my life, but this past year, my go-go-go mindset has caught up with me, and I'm paying for it big time. Taking an hour to speak with Shannon about how and where I can put my energy in 2023 was seriously a game changer. She basically re-affirmed everything my gut was telling me, and opened my eyes to new ways of scaling my business, and ultimately, my self-love. This was the refresh and reset I needed to take a step back, assess my current way of living, and then take action to make my dream life achievable.

Thank you, Shannon!

 Kellie Daniel

My mind opened up to a new way of thinking that is more fun, expansive, and empowering. I loved the group format and can't imagine going on this journey any other way. I've gained so many tools to help me live a more joyful, empowered life. It's not only applicable to my acting career but to my whole life. I didn't realize how small a life I was living before and how full my life can be now in every moment. It shifted my perspective on the Entertainment Industry and how and why I fit in. There are no limits except those placed on ourselves.

I learned so much from this class that I can continue to use forever.

April Sugarman

Curtains up, actors!

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