Hey, I’m Shannon. 

Your real life

fairy godmother.

Those are my student’s words, but I guess mine now too? Life is one big mirror of your self worth.. So if something isn’t resonating on the outside, I help you see why, on the inside- through energy and mindset shifting. Together let’s discover your magic within.



I need you to stop seeing other people’s successes and achievements as something separate and unattainable for you.

My universal rule: Whatever you are desiring- whether that’s freedom in your job, seven figures in your bank account, a friend group you can be unfiltered with, a twinflame you can be passionate with, a charter yacht you can explore Lake Como on, a purpose you can help millions with… IT. IS. YOURS. Always has been, always will be. 

It’s time to rewire those thoughts and align your energy with the future version of you that you know deep down exists, she just needs a gentle pull out of her old ways. That’s where I come in! My approach as your mentor is a little recipe of energy healing, subconscious reprogramming, tough love for accountability, and celebrations to get that self worth through the roof.

It’s time to put


of your priority list. 

at the top 

show me the way, shannon!

I’ve cast over 50 television shows for networks like NBC, CBS, Hulu, Freeform, Netflix, etc. and have worked with so many awesome celebrities through the years…But that’s not the most interesting part about me..

I read 


Blocked energy in your aura, energy from your higher self, sometimes even energy from loved ones who’ve crossed over (that one still amazes me when it happens). 

I left my fancy Hollywood job to fully embrace my intuitive gifts.  
I’ve helped people get off anxiety medication, heal ancestral wounds, manifest their soulmate, repair relationships with their family, become series regulars on TV shows, release the fears from their past, build confidence and step into their full potential.



what lights me up



spicy margaritas

palm trees

my seven pound dog


Gold Accents

Love Island UK

lounging in a pool

flowy dresses





I have worked with tons of high level coaches and mentors over the years and the the one thing I rarely see is complete vulnerability. I have no problem letting you know my fears, how much is on my credit card, showing you my good days and bad days. I think it’s something my students love hearing about, knowing I’m not a robot only showing off my flashy manifestations. I am a true open book about my experiences and uplevel journeys. 


Tough love / Accountability

Even though I am a smiley, warm, loving guide and pride myself in the safe space I provide for my students, I will also tell you where I feel you’re lacking. I don’t hold back. It’s one of the ways I make sure growth and transformation is happening for you. We can’t just talk the talk together, you have to walk the walk- which means me holding you accountable for the things you want to achieve and the obstacles you want to move through.



Your energy is specific and unique to you. There is not a one size fits all when it comes to manifesting / shifting your mind and energy. Do I have foundational practices to set you up for life long abundance and flow? Absolutely. But the day to day advice changes each session and differs from person to person. 


Pivoting queen

I’m not talking about the dance move, I’m talking about stepping away from what is not serving you. Do you run away from change when everything in life is pointing towards pivoting? Assuming you said yes, it means you’re too comfortable with your old ways and fear the unfamiliar. Luckily you have a pivot queen as your guide. I’ve had three major pivot points in my life (and counting) that have led me to the levels of abundance I receive now. So when working together, expect pivots and learn to embrace the magic of the unfamiliar.



Your mindset and energy? Changeable! You've let your mind play the victim for far too long, playing by ego's rules: thinking you're stuck and that while life seems to get easier for others, it's just not in the cards for you. I'll teach you about listening to your higher self. The voice that is saying “girl, let’s think bigger, let’s have more fun with this, let’s move through this obstacle quicker so we can get you to your goal faster”. You have a built-in guidance system leading you to transformation at all times. My mindset and energy tools open up a direct channel to that higher self and  let me tell you… when that channel is open, the journey of transformation is as fun and as playful as you’ll allow it to be.

I am so incredibly grateful for Shannon’s Mindset Transformation program. She gave me the tools to not only cultivate a strong, positive, mindset but to quickly and seamlessly be able to switch back to coming from a place of love when the fear does creep back in. Working with Shannon has been a game changer. She is a light, and truly one of the most encouraging people. We all need someone like Shannon in our corner. As my mindset started to shift, so did my career. Booking my first guest star, it was hands down my work with Shannon that kept my mindset strong leading up to, and on set. I am excited to see what’s next, and thanks to my work with Shannon, I know I’ve got it when the opportunities come my way.

"If you have a chance to work with her, do it!"

Jessica Perry

n this program, I was given the challenge to transform my mindset. With some energy work, I started to trust in my capabilities and have more faith in the unknown. I trust my divine path, and I learned that my dreams desire me too! It will always be a process, but I now have the tools to call in higher vibrational thoughts that bring strong, positive emotions into my life. In fact, I am attracting long term desires in the form of bigger opportunities. I just booked the lead of a Disney+ series, and I could not be more humbled! I am more confident in myself and in who I am now, and I feel incredibly excited about all of the future possibilities. What joy! This class is truly a gift.

 "These past twelve weeks have been a game changer in my personal and professional life."

Lisette Olivera

I can’t get over how much of an impact this course has on me both subconsciously and consciously. I think my favorite part was listening and taking notes on the checklist and realizing that I’ve been working on all of these things throughout the entire course subconsciously and genuinely feel aligned to follow my dreams. Thank you, Shannon!

"Thank you, Shannon! I almost feel like we have superpowers!"

hannah madgetT

After working with Shannon…I had found my direction. That direction then led me to 3 bookings (2 of them recurring) that kept me busy WELL into 2022, and afforded me the luxury of acting being my only “job” so far this year. What she gave me cannot be understated, and I have truly turned a corner in my career and life as a result.

"Any person in the world would be lucky to have her wisdom and insight in their life!"

Sean James

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