All About Co-Stars +Recording and Feedback


My All About Co-Stars webinar intensive is designed to give you all the facts about what it takes to book your very own co-star role. I’ll send you sides (from amazing shows I’ve helped cast in the past) to give you the opportunity to apply everything you just learned with your very own self-tape audition practice. How it Works: After you prepare your audition, you send me your tape and I’ll send you back personalized video feedback (within 2 weeks) from a Casting Associate’s perspective on what you’re nailing and where you can improve even further to get that next booking! In the Seminar you’ll learn:

  • Everything you need to know about these kinds of roles and how both casting them and auditioning for them is different from anything else.
  • From how simple it is to book a co-star (when you know the right techniques) to bookable self-taping guidance.
  • Plus I cover vital mindset work, like how to detach from an audition outcome and how to bring the right mindset to your audition to stand out to casting.

This seminar is jam packed with value and has taken my students from years of booking blocks … to being on set after having landed their very first co-star role! Plus, you’ll receive lifetime access to the class recording to have whenever you need a refresher before your next big audition. Usually, at $250, we are offering this class for a limited time at just $97.