A 4 part digital experience to create a life even better than your vision board. 


You’re in a perpetual state of Lucky Girl Syndrome - you’re a literal magnet for the life of your dreams.

You feel confident, empowered and in control when it comes to your life and future. When you decide you want something, you know it’s already yours.

You confidently move through fears, blocks, and triggers without letting them derail your momentum or make you feel unworthy of your desires.

You’re clear on what you want and how to get it, and you receive it FAST. Whether that’s money in your bank account, your dream relationship, a move, a career uplevel. If you say you want it, it’s yours.

Your confidence is through the roof - you light up any room you walk into and draw people and opportunities to you with ease. 

Do any of these sound

You’ve done manifestation practices like journaling, affirmations, and mindset work, and maybe you’ve had some traction, but your big, important goals and desires still haven’t come through (and you’re wondering wtf is going on).

You constantly second guess yourself and wonder whether what you desire is truly possible for you.

You know what you want, but you’re stuck on the how of actually making it happen.

You’re constantly questioning yourself and overthinking all your decisions. “Was that the right thing to do?” “Should I have handled that differently?” “Did I say something weird?!”

When something triggers you, you go into self doubt, comparisonitis, and negative thought spirals. You know this derails your movement toward your goals but it’s so hard to stop!


imagine a world where

your definitive roadmap for manifesting anything you desire with ease, stepping into your most confident, abundant self, and creating the life of your dreams. 



This is my signature method to transform your life

and call in everything on your vision board in a fun and easy way. You’ve landed on this page for a reason. Your soul is craving deep transformation and wants to access the abundant potential you know is already inside of you.

 "I am more confident in myself and in who I am now, and I feel incredibly excited about all of the future possibilities."

These past twelve weeks have been a game changer in my personal and professional life. In this program, I realized a lot of my limitations had to do with negative beliefs I had about myself that were not serving me in any way. In this program, I was given the challenge to transform my mindset. With some energy work, I started to trust in my capabilities and have more faith in the unknown. I trust my divine path, and I learned that my dreams desire me too! It will always be a process, but I now have the tools to call in higher vibrational thoughts that bring strong, positive emotions into my life. In fact, I am attracting long term desires in the form of bigger opportunities. I just booked the lead of a Disney+ series, and I could not be more humbled! What joy! This class is truly a gift.

- Lisette Olivera

"Whether you’re a creative, executive, entrepreneur, or just someone looking to heal - you will likely really benefit from her work."

Even though I didn’t know it at the time, Shannon’s mindset class came at the perfect time. I thought I understood manifestation, and already had an abundance mindset, but I feel far more equipped after 12 weeks of working with Shannon than I have most of my life. The peace and perspective I’ve gained, along with the tools I can forever lean on, have helped me open (and close) doors that I know will pave the way for the future I want for myself. It’s hard to sum up the arch I experienced in just 12 weeks, but man do I feel good to be on this end of it. Thank you Shannon.

- Daniella Monet
Actress, Mother, Founder of Daniella’s Digest, Co-Founder of Kinder Beauty


What you are currently experiencing in your career, finances, relationships, or any other part of your life are all one big reflection of your self-worth. 

they don’t help you change your view of yourself on a deep, subconscious, energetic level, which means you unintentionally block the things you desire most - not the vibe, obviously.

You can journal and say affirmations until you’re blue in the face, but if you subconsciously believe you can’t have what you desire, you’ll struggle to attract it into your life. 

That’s why I created the Manifestation Blueprint Method - to show you exactly how to shift your identity on the deepest level so that you become the person who has everything you desire. This is what it means to be an “energetic match” for your manifestations. 

The Manifestation Blueprint is the exact method I used to cultivate the courage I needed to leave a successful career as an associate casting director, start my own business, and grow it to multiple six figures.. It’s what I used to sky rocket my self worth and to make me an energetic match for amazing opportunities like being a guest speaker on top podcasts and speaking at live events in front of hundreds of people, receiving free trips to beach front hotels, getting upgraded to first class for flights.. It’s literally all landed in my lap.

This is why so many manifestation programs




and methods

don't work -


My clients have used this blueprint to

generate results,

like manifesting their dream husband after years of toxic relationships, starting purpose driven businesses, becoming series regulars on TV shows and becoming a household name overnight. It’s given them unwavering faith and confidence in themselves, which is the foundation needed for anything you desire.

build a relationship with your Highest Self so that you’re always tapped into the right next steps for you, instead of getting stuck in overthinking and doubting

Soo, what is the method exactly?

understanding how energy is always supporting you and how to influence it and speed up your manifestations.

so that you know the life you envision is meant for you, instead of self-sabotaging because you think you can’t have it.

and letting go of the past on a cellular and subconscious level, so that you have energetic space for your manifestations to come through.

here's the thing...

You’ve landed on this page

for a reason.

Your soul is craving deep transformation and wants to access the abundant potential you know is already inside of you.

Manifestation Blueprint is the only process you need for unveiling the powerful, abundant, magical being that you are and creating your dream life (no more endless courses, memberships, or personal development books that leave you confused and still not seeing results). 

The best gift you can give yourself is to identify and clear deeply rooted beliefs that are keeping you stuck and completely change your view of yourself and what’s possible for you. 

You owe it

to yourself...

To become the person who already has everything you desire. When you step into this deep sense of worthiness, of knowing that what you’re calling in is already yours, your manifestations are inevitable - they have no choice but to come through.

Let me show you how fun and easy it is to attract everything you desire…

The mindset class was great. I have grown so much it's unreal. my spirit was lifted so many times, it was like shedding to become the butterfly I felt inside. Before I started the class I knew nothing about mind work and how It could really help me, but I was amazed at what I could heal within by focusing on my light and aligning myself . Thank you! Thank you!

 "What can I say? Life changing ! Completely life changing."


Shannon has a GIFT for helping people transform their mindset, while creating a fun, nurturing and uplifting community to go through the process with. Shannon has interpreted the principles she teaches in a unique and beautiful way, making them accessible and digestible to anyone. I gained a deeper understanding of myself, and learned tools that can support every aspect of my life. 

"I'm so grateful I seized the opportunity to work with her and experience her magic."


 My mind opened up to a new way of thinking that is more fun, expansive, and empowering. I loved the group format and can't imagine going on this journey any other way. I've gained so many tools to help me live a more joyful, empowered life. It's not only applicable to my acting career but to my whole life. I didn't realize how small a life I was living before and how full my life can be now in every moment.

"I learned so much from this class that I can continue to use forever."


I have found without even working on acting, I am a different actor. I am calmer and more confident in my work and everyday life. I am taking risks, checking my priorities, learning so much about myself even months after working with her. Genuinely feel lighter. She is the best thing Ive spent my money on and a genuine soul. I can not recommend her enough and I am so thankful I felt this need to reach out to her.

 "Shannon has changed so much for me."






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Lifetime access to the Manifestation Blueprint Method library for you to come back to at any time, so that you never feel stuck and know what steps to take long after our time together is over.

You’ll also be getting a *BONUS* 30 minute energy healing meditation to help you tap into your most abundant timeline, release triggers, and speed up your manifestations.


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