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Meet my only one on one in person service I offer. This three hour session is focused and dedicated time to unlocking what's been holding you back. Helping shift you into that future-you lifestyle and mindset.

Shift out of what was and step into what could 


did we just become best friends?

You and me. We’ll have a one-on-one day of coaching at one of my favorite high-vibe locations in LA. Together, we’ll uncover your full potential surrounded by the vibrant energy of this special oasis, and embark on a journey of personal growth that will elevate your life to new heights.

Let's break free from the chains of lack by conjuring a captivating vision of your future self. Consider me your magical mirror, ready to reflect the extraordinary possibilities that lay within you.

Committed and Focused Time Together + Space to Dream Big =

Magical Results

"After working with Shannon for over a year online, it was such a gift to spend time with her in person!"

My "Future Self Day" was a refreshing, uplifting experience that had the right amounts of structure and flexibility. Over the course of the day, Shannon guided me through some unexpected breakthroughs and realizations that were not just specific to my acting career. Looking back on my notes from our "Future Self Day", I was surprised to see some of the goals and objectives well underway just a month later!


Your future self is the version of you who has everything they desire. One of my favorite ways to channel future self energy in the present is by physically putting myself in a high vibrational setting like a fancy rooftop in Beverly Hills. Well this time, you’re joining me. My "Future Self Day" offering is hands-down the most strategic and personalized offer in my toolbox. An immersive and tailor-made experience like no other, the planning and milestones we achieve together in just one day often surpass the productivity of an entire month of trying to do it on your own. Brace yourself for a day that ignites your potential and introduces you directly to that future-self you dream of being.

step 1

This will be a dedicated day for strategizing, discussing, and envisioning your future self, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the process.

Choose a day that suits your schedule. 

step 2

Location, Location, Location.

We pick which Los Angeles location you’d like to work from. Are you more of a pool rooftop person? Or an enclosed, full panoramic view of Los Angeles person? We’ll choose the perfect environment for your future-self day.

step 3

The magic begins!

Experience a transformative day where we release old energy and mindsets, while diving into strategic discussions about your career path, side hustles, manifestation, and more. All this, accompanied by delicious breakfast and lunch experiences.


"I am so glad I made the decision to have a "Future Self Day" with Shannon."

It helped me put into perspective what I'm wanting and where I am going. Shannon's intuitive listening and presence allowed for her to ask questions that supported me in what I am looking for. I greatly appreciate all of her feedback, knowledge and suggestions. I feel ready, determined and standing in my future self now. It's a great reminder to be as if it's already happened. Thank you Shannon!




• Three hours of one-on-one mentoring and game planning

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• Breakfast and Lunch

• Paid valet parking

• A follow up 30 minute one-on-one Zoom coaching a month after meeting

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The planning we get done together in one day is often more productive than an entire month of planning on your own. Let's get your Future Self Day on the books!

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