A 15-week mindset and energy transformation program


Discover the definitive program that empowers you to embrace the next level of your life with confidence and purpose. Let me be your guide as you unleash your hidden potential and embark on a transformative journey toward success and fulfillment.

so, what is abundance awakened?

A paradigm-shifting 

pathway to


learning, expansion



Abundance Awakened is my signature offering that is the “cream de la cream” of guidance and learning. Not only will you get hands-on intuitive guidance and coaching from me every week over a fifteen week period to excel your growth, you are also going to master a new mindset tool and energy healing technique every week. This program has all the foundational tools for self mastery, mindset shifting and all the energy work required for manifesting your dream life. Most people think manifestation is all about vision boards, affirmations and understanding the law of attraction. That’s not even scratching the surface of what this 15 week course will teach you. 

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It's time to uplevel your


Do any of these sound familiar?

Deep down you know you’re worthy of the life you desire, but you get discouraged and lose faith in yourself when you’re triggered or things feel like they’re “not working”.

You're ready for more but need the steps to get there.

You're not seeing the promised results.

You get stuck in comparison, unworthiness, and self doubt spirals - you know these slow down your momentum but you don’t know what to do when they take hold.

When you don't see quick evidence of your results in your “3D” reality, you drop out of your high vibration and feel tempted to give up.

Now, envision a world in which…

You feel like a literal magnet - the second you say you desire something, it’s yours.

You confidently move through fears, blocks, and triggers without letting them derail your momentum or make you feel unworthy.

You know exactly how to create the money in your bank account and anything else you desire.

You feel certainty, empowerment, confidence.

You know that when you create the intention, it's done.

 In this program, I was given the challenge to transform my mindset. I trust my divine path, and I learned that my dreams desire me too! It will always be a process, but I now have the tools to call in higher vibrational thoughts that bring strong, positive emotions into my life. In fact, I am attracting long term desires in the form of bigger opportunities. I just booked the lead of a Disney+ series, and I could not be more humbled! What joy! This class is truly a gift.

"These past few months have been a game changer in my personal and professional life."

Lisette Olivera

She is on an already elevated consciousness and climbing her way to a higher consciousness and guiding those around her up as well. I didn’t realize how often I was accidentally manifesting something for myself that was not something I truly wanted or creating limiting beliefs that were stopping my progress or denying my own instincts.

"Life is a journey, and there isn’t a better guide in the world than Shannon."

Farooq Qureshi

I am calmer and more confident in my work and everyday life. I am taking risks, checking my priorities, learning so much about myself even months after working with her. Genuinely feel lighter. She is the best thing Ive spent my money on and a genuine soul. I can not recommend her enough and I am so thankful I felt this need to reach out to her.

"Shannon has changed so much for me."

Kassie Hight

That direction then led me to 3 bookings (2 of them recurring) that kept me busy WELL into 2022, and afforded me the luxury of acting being my only “job” so far this year. What she gave me cannot be understated, and I have truly turned a corner in my career and life as a result. Any person in the world would be lucky to have her wisdom and insight in their life!

"After working with Shannon…I had found my direction."

Sean James

Shift your beliefs, shift your reality.

What you are currently experiencing in your career, finances, relationships, etc. are all one big reflection of your self-worth. What you believe to be true for you like: “it’s hard to make money”, “no one will ever love me”, “I’m stuck in a job I hate”... those thoughts are dictating your energy and vibration in your body. There are many universal laws of energy we cover in the program, but the two key players in your current reality are- The Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration.

Our words, thoughts, and energy hold specific vibration. So what’s vibrating internally, is attracting an equal vibration externally. The way you think about your money, your career, your love life, your family, your worth, etc. is what is matching up in your reality. How do we change a reality we no longer want to experience? You must get intentional with your thoughts and energy and be open to growth.

In 15 weeks,

you’ll put your intuition in action by learning my transformative energy practices and mindset tools for mastering alignment. Let me show you how fun and easy it is to attract anything you desire!

Abundance Awakened

Harness the power of visualization, affirmations, and energy alignment as you learn to manifest with intention and clarity. This 15-week program will help you overcome limiting beliefs and tap into your true potential.

what's inside    what's inside    what's inside     what's inside    what's inside    what's inside    

week 1/15

Let Go

In order to create space for new energy, you must heal and release the old energy you’ve been aligning with. During your first week, you let go of old energy, habits and mindsets that no longer serve you to make space for all the beautiful energy we call in for future weeks. 

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week 2/15

Meeting our Authentic Self 

Who we are at our core is light and love. Our authentic self does not fight the unique qualities that exist in us, it accepts all that we are. This week is dedicated to self acceptance and confidence building. 

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week 3/15

Your Why

Once you have a new energetic space to work with, I help you build yourself up by rooting to why you want your desires and why you’re the perfect person to have those desires in the first place. It’s not about what you’re doing, it’s about WHY you’re doing it.

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week 4/15

Ego, soul, higher self

Understanding the different voices in our mind is vital as it helps us discern whether fear holds us back through the ego or if our higher self guides us towards beauty beyond discomfort. Is the voice urging you to stay in your comfort zone due to fear, or is it your higher self gently nudging you towards incredible beauty beyond?

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week 5/15

Universal laws

Yes, law of attraction and law of vibration are important for manifesting.. but there are actually twelve universal laws of energy that are equally as important because they are always “on” just like gravity. It’s important to understand how each one works for you.

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week 6/15

Energetic entities

One of the most important concepts to grasp is that everything in life is energy- physical, non physical, real or abstract. In week five, you learn how to communicate with any energy you desire.

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week 7/15


Your chakras work directly with the law of attraction. They are energy centers in your body that have different functions. In order to be in alignment for your desires, it’s important to balance and align those energy centers in your body. 

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week 8/15


Money is an energy that you can align with. Most people in this world have some disconnect or negative beliefs towards money, so this week is dedicated to repairing that energetic relationship to help you call in financial abundance.

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week 9/15

Detaching from outcomes 

Energy does not want to feel like it has a needy owner controlling it, it wants to feel trusted. In this session we will move through a hypnotherapy exercise to help release desperate energy around our desires. 

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week 10/15


The most magical gift of inner guidance that you all have inside of you, you just need to learn to tap into it and train that muscle. This is a week where you learn how to access that guidance. Imagine what it feels like knowing you have the answers to everything you need in life.. well with intuition, you do.

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week 11/15

Connecting to guidance outside of you 

It’s important to trust that you are not the sole doer in manifesting your dream life. You have a team of helpful energy to co-create with. In this class we’ll explore who that is and what that means for you. 

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week 12/15

Protecting your energy

Did you know that most of the energy you’re currently feeling is not your own energy? This week is all about protecting your power through energetic tools which leaves you feeling like you are the master of your own energy. 

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week 13/15


The key to manifesting your desires is understanding all of the abundance you naturally surround yourself with. Manifesting happens from an abundant state, not a lack state. You’ll be guided through a powerful meditation leaving you with a deep appreciation for your abundant world.

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week 14/15


All of the mindset and energetic tools we learn in the program lead up to our week of manifesting. It’s not just about vision boards or understanding the law of attraction... There are 10 steps I teach that will allow you to manifest anything you desire. 

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week 15/15


It’s important to dedicate time and acknowledge all of the growth you’ve made in three months. All of my students experience a transformation one way or another. Week twelve is about reflection and gratitude for the transformation you’ve built for yourself.

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my vision for you

To create a life you're so

obsessed with,

you can't

believe it's real.

so that things like abundance, new friendships, relationships, a dream job, gratitude… that all becomes recurring moments and feelings that you make happen… instead of something that used to happen to you. You are going to have a deeper understanding of how your mind and energy work. You will have a new found relationship with yourself and the energies you want to call into your life.., making you a magnetic abundance attractor.


15 intimate live group coaching calls so that you get live, personalized guidance and support on your specific questions

What You Can Expect

Recordings from live calls that never expire, lifetime access to powerful manifestation tools and practices even after our time together

15 transformative topics around mindset and energy that last a lifetime

15 weeks of unlimited email access to Shannon for mindset support and personalized assistance

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*Additionally, a one on one track is available upon request. Please contact us for more details. 

Frequently Asked


Can anyone join this program?

This program is recommended for anyone over the age of 18. What I teach in this program is for anyone available for growth and wanting to uplevel their life.

when does the program start?

New groups will start late June / early July. There will be an evening class 5:30-7:30PM PST and an afternoon class 10AM-12PM PST

what happens if i can't make every class?

Don’t worry! You will get a recording of each lesson and have access to email me any questions that come up when you watch the recording. I’ve had students miss some of the group lessons and were still able to find the recording fully effective.

how is this different from your other intensives?

My Abundance Awakened program is by far my most favorite thing I’ve ever created and my favorite thing to teach. I took years worth of knowledge and learning around everything my mindset, energy, and intuition journey taught me and broke it down into what I feel is a very effective course mastering these incredible topics. It is my most transformative experience my clients have with me. I don’t take the power of these topics lightly, if I did, I would have made it a one-and-done class. The reason it’s so effective is because you’re learning all angles of energy, mindset, and how to align yourself with your desires, and you’re given 3 months to master it.

how does this differ from therapY?

This is a question I’ve received from former students when they were considering joining. I turned to one of my mindset students who is also in therapy to ask him this question and here’s his response:

"Therapy helps on a physical level, what's happening in the real world and how it's affecting you. You learn boundaries to help heal past wounds. This mindset program is the strengthening of yourself for everything that's coming forward and what you want to call into the future. Therapy is great for the past trauma but for my day-to-day, I use more of these exercises I learned from you to deal with what I am going through now. I've been doing therapy a year before I joined this class, so I can see the differences. This class allows you to recognize who you really are. I found confidence and power to manifest and allowed myself to trust my instincts."

How much time will each lesson take?

Each class differs depending on the lesson but most classes range from 75-90 minutes in the group setting.

Your time commitment to homework is also going to vary. It’s meant to reinforce whatever we learned in class that day. Some homework will take 5 minutes, other homework, maybe 30 minutes to an hour depending on how much reflection you want to have.

Are you unsure if the Abundance Awakened program is right for you?

Feel free to shoot me an email here, or SCHEDULE A FREE CALL at the link below, and I can answer all your questions! 

it doesn't stop there

Join the Retreat

Once you’ve completed the transformation program, you will become a part of the alumni community. We meet twice a month for meditations, mini lessons, and guided journal prompts to keep up that accountability and to come together for personal growth.

You will have access to join our in-person retreats where we dedicate an entire day to aligning our energy through meditation, chakra healings, mediumship reads, and more!