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**Get lifetime access to my 90-minute All About Co-Stars seminar PLUS personal video feedback on a co-star role I assign you. More info below.

Booking a co-star role is easier than you think

In fact, I’ve helped actors effortlessly book co-star roles through my classes after years of them trying on their own. 

The Why’s

Why is a co-star role important?

Co-star roles support the leading actors. They move the story along and help build the world of a show. For you, this means a chance to get paid doing what you love, to be on a set with working professionals, to grow your resume and make connections! 

Why trust me with your co-star journey?

For seven years of my life, I would sleep and breathe co-star auditions. As a Casting Associate for major networks and streaming shows, I’ve cast thousands of co-star roles, and everyday I saw exactly what it took to get an actor’s tape sent to producers. I bring this expertise to my co-star classes and have watched so many of my students book co-star roles as a result!

Why should you take this class now?

We are currently at the very start of Episodic Season. (AKA the busiest time of year for actors auditioning)!What that means, is that from now until end of March, the majority of your auditions will be for co-star roles for TV shows. Some of those shows have 10, 12, even 24 episodes to cast. You want to be prepared when a co-star audition comes in, not questioning your ability to book.Imagine the edge you’ll have knowing you’re ready. My All About Co-Stars Class will help you get there and give you the tools you need to book you very own co-star role!

Check Out My Casting Highlights

Student Success Stories



“The work I have done with Shannon (both mindset and acting technique) led me to booking my first two co-stars and multiple pins for great projects. I can confidently say it was the work I did with Shannon that led me to that shift in my career”




“Booking my first TV co-star was my main acting goal for the year, and it is no coincidence that I achieved it while working with Shannon in her Transformation Mindset Program. The tools I’ve acquired from Shannon’s class have been an invaluable addition not just to my career but to my everyday life!”




“Because of Shannon’s guidance and techniques to bring authenticity to my acting, I am so much more confident with all my auditions. After working with her I finally started getting callbacks and booked my first co-star after three years. Shannon’s mindset techniques can be applied to all aspects of your craft and life”




“Shannon does such an incredible job of reminding you to ground your audition to who you are as a person. She really works to help you bring your full and complete self to the character. After working with her I booked my first-ever co-star!”


Let’s make booking co-star roles easy for you.

Watch, listen, take notes, and walk away with valuable info on nailing your next co-star audition.Then hone in on your skills even further after watching the recording and get personalized video feedback from me on a co-star audition I assign you.

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All About Co-Stars+ Lifetime Access Recording+ Co-Star Audition Personalized Feedback


  • Tape your own co-star audition scene (sides provided by me – from some of my favorite TV shows I’ve cast in the past) and get personalized video feedback from me on your self-tape!
  • PLUS you’ll receive lifetime access to the All About Co-Stars Class recording, so you can play it back for an extra dose of motivation whenever you have a co-star audition in the future!

**Personalized video feedback delivered to you by email within 2 weeks