You have your desires for a reason. Don’t let fear keep you out of alignment from achieving them.


Shannon is genuinely one of the most caring and empathic souls in this era. She will help you grow and never make you regret trying something or taking a chance. She nurtures not only your performing skills but also your emotional and spiritual side. Her ideas and exercises helped me to embrace myself for who I am. Shannon has a high level of emotional intelligence which is so important for anyone dealing with creatives. She is so in tune with it and can guide you to a higher level

– Farooq

Shannon’s comedy intensive was the first of it’s kind that I have taken from anyone LA based that created a safe and welcoming environment where we could share and grow with each other. It was the first time I’ve been in a online class where I came out feeling like I had made friends and connections

– UYA Student

I felt seen and supported each week I worked with her. Shannon sets the tone for a safe, positive environment. Her ability to tailor her method to each of us is really refreshing.”

– UYA Student

I now feel completely empowered by writing out statements that were true about me- either “negative” or “positive”- without judgement. Working with Shannon really went a long way in helping me feel solid in the person I am

– UYA Student

Working with Shannon has been nothing short of transformative. She’s taken a holistic approach and guided me through positive inner work as a source to feed my acting and strengthen my instrument. I’ve built trust in myself, developed tools to dispel anxiety, and absorbed more positivity into my approach. She’s also helped me to hone in on the nuances of a script, bringing new life to my performances and allowing me to take bigger risks when auditioning.

– Ashley (20’s) 

I first came to Shannon as a NY actor who was interested in working in the TV comedy world in LA. The thought of “starting over” in a new city after working in NY for years felt daunting and honestly pretty much impossible. Shannon immediately calmed my anxieties and we made a 6 month plan, which has made the transition not only doable, but enjoyable. Not to mention, Shannon’s experience as a CD makes her audition coaching invaluable. She has a great ear for the rhythm of a scene and gives direction in an incredibly kind yet effective way. I can’t recommend her more!

– Melanie (29)

Working with Shannon for the past month has been the answer to all of my acting and mental prayers! Not only am I growing as an artist, but I am also growing as a person. She has quickly taken me from unsure of myself and what I have to offer in life and as an actor, to loving every part of me and becoming the best version of myself. Her approach has allowed me to see positive and incredible changes in myself that has translated immensely in my acting, and I couldn’t be happier and excited. Shannon is passionate and caring, and I trust her in being able to be creative and bold with my craft while working with her. She is honest and extremely knowledgeable in the industry and has always given me 110% of her time. I am beyond grateful to have found Shannon and to be working with her!

– Luna (early 20’s)

My child has been coaching with Shannon for awhile now, and she has so much fun and has learned a ton! The whole process of working with Shannon is so easy. She gives such clear direction that my daughter really understands what to do in each scene. We have seen a tremendous change in her audition tapes since coaching with her. We’re so thankful!

– Mother of a 10 year old

I like working with Shannon because she is always really supportive of the ideas you want to put in the scene. She listens to your ideas and expands on them. She has a very positive personality and is fun to work with.

– Sky (10)

Simply put, Shannon is a ray of sunshine. The positivity she exudes matched with her passion for helping others is the recipe for why she is so successful as an acting coach and intuitive healer. Speaking from personal experience, Shannon has been my go-to, one stop shop when it comes to coaching, industry advice, and overall encouragement! With her background in acting and casting, you’ll be working with someone who understands all angles of your upcoming audition or day on set! She is a well of knowledge. Ask away! I recently had the opportunity to experience Shannon’s other gift of intuition. During a moment of my uncertainty, without hesitation Shannon told me she kept seeing a number. It happened to be my favorite/lucky number which I don’t share with anyone. She felt the presence of my relatives sending me a message. She once said to “stop the whining!!” and to trust that I would be more than okay. My relative always used that phrase. I believe I was sent that message in that moment because I needed it. And Shannon was my messenger! It was beautiful to experience. I highly recommend Shannon as a coach, healer and overall friend!

– Jennifer (late 20’s)

My daughter, Sydney, and I were referred to Shannon over a year ago, and we are so thankful. Shannon has been the most incredible coach and mentor for Sydney as she enhances her skills and pursues a career in acting. Shannon has an amazing ability to bring out Sydney’s positive attributes while also promoting her development in tangible, specific ways. Sydney has grown tremendously under Shannon’s coaching and, just as importantly, she feels supported and valued on an individual level. Shannon is approachable, responsive to our questions big or small, and highly respected by industry professionals Sydney has met with. Whether she is working with Shannon in person or virtually, Sydney grows noticeably with each session and is left with clear goals of what to achieve next. We are so grateful for her to have the opportunity to train with Shannon!

– Amanda, parent

Shannon’s gift of intuition and knowing exactly how to pin point what an individual needs is truly incredible. Not only is she so loving, compassionate, fun, and knowledgeable to work with, but she is so incredibly gifted and spot on with her intuitive and psychic abilities. She will tell you exactly what is blocking you from your desires and goals. Not only that, but she gives you energetic and spiritual tools to unblock yourself in order to align and manifest your goals. She is a warm bright light and can make anyone feel better just by being in her presence. I 10/10 recommend working with her.

– Allie (24)