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Get Peace of Mind, Confidence, and Freedom with Your Self Tapes

No more second-guessing which tape to send. Before you submit your audition, get same-day feedback from a casting prospective.Introducing SELF TAPE PASSby Shannon Bills Coaching

I get it…

You miss the redirects, the energy of auditioning in person, the confidence in knowing your tape was actually seen by casting.

But self-tapes are not a new thing that came from 2020… I’ve been watching self-tapes for years. Having cast 50+ TV shows, I have watched thousands of self-tapes even when in-person auditioning was the norm. And believe me, we watched EVERY tape that came through.

Loving or hating self-taping will not allow you to skip that part of the audition process.

So I came up with a service to give you clarity and peace of mind when sending in your tapes, giving you clear feedback and validation in knowing you’re sending in something great.

Say goodbye to …

“Maybe I should have done that differently”“I’m not sure what take to send in”“I hope the pacing and tone are right”

And hello to …

Confidence and freedom from doubting your audition tapes!

How It Works

Step 1.

You email me your sides / breakdown / and the time you need your feedback by.

Step 2.

You send 2-3 takes of your scene (that have been practiced and / or coached).

Step 3.

I get back to you that day with my favorite takes to send and re-tape notes if I think it’s worth retaping. Making sure your essence is there, the tone, energy, and pacing match the show.

I have helped many students BOOK, get PINNED, or CALLED BACK from this service.

Are you ready to get your Self Tape Pass?!Pick from the following options:

Self Tape Pass Options

Instance 1Instance 1


Commit to the year with discounted monthly autopayORPay for the discounted year in full


/month (for 12 months)


(pay in full)

Month Pass

Pay month-to-month with zero commitment

Purchase as needed throughout the year




Used for a single self-tape


/one time