Get Peace of Mind, Confidence, and Freedom with Your Self Tapes

No more second-guessing which tape to send. Before you submit your audition, get same-day feedback from a casting prospective.

Introducing SELF TAPE PASS
by Shannon Bills Coaching

I get it...

You miss the redirects, the energy of auditioning in person, the confidence in knowing your tape was actually seen by casting.

But self-tapes are not a new thing that came from 2020… I've been watching self-tapes for years. Having cast 50+ TV shows, I have watched thousands of self-tapes even when in-person auditioning was the norm. And believe me, we watched EVERY tape that came through.

Loving or hating self-taping will not allow you to skip that part of the audition process.

So I came up with a service to give you clarity and peace of mind when sending in your tapes, giving you clear feedback and validation in knowing you’re sending in something great.

Say goodbye to ...

“Maybe I should have done that differently”
“I’m not sure what take to send in”
“I hope the pacing and tone are right”

And hello to ...

Confidence and freedom from doubting your audition tapes!

How It Works

Step 1.

You email me your sides / breakdown / and the time you need your feedback by.

Step 2.

You send 2-3 takes of your scene (that have been practiced and / or coached).

Step 3.

I get back to you that day with my favorite takes to send and re-tape notes if I think it’s worth retaping. Making sure your essence is there, the tone, energy, and pacing match the show.

I have helped many students BOOK, get PINNED, or CALLED BACK from this service.

Are you ready to get your Self Tape Pass?!

Pick from the following options:

Self Tape Pass Options

Month Pass

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