Shannon Bills Coaching

Mind, Body, Spirit Healing

Abundance Awakened

Want to learn all that goes into mindset shifting, energy healing and connecting to your intuition? In this 12 week live online program, Shannon teaches you how to master mindset, energy and manifestation. This program is designed to give you life long foundational tools for self mastery and transformation. It is the most hands-on learning and healing experience you’ll get working with Shannon.

Mind Shifting

This 30 minute one on one mindset coaching is offered for things like shifting out of old habits and limiting beliefs, guidance for big transitions and life events, accountability for reaching goals.

Duration: One 30 minute sessions$227.00 USD

Illuminated Path

This 30 minute one on one session is used for intuitive guidance. Shannon incorporates intuitive channeling as well as tarot card reading to show you what is in your current energy field. She can look into various areas of your life like career, personal growth, relationships, spiritual development, etc. These insights help illuminate your path, seek clarity, and a deeper understanding of your current circumstance.

Duration: 30 minutes$227.00 USD

Energy Restoration

This 30 minute one on one session is used for energy healing. Shannon will talk you through a guided energy healing to help clear unwanted energy, release blocks and restore the flow of vital energy. This session will leave you feeling balanced, refreshed and relaxed.

Duration: 30 minutes$227.00 USD

Future Self Day

My most transformative and only in person coaching service I offer. This three hour one on one coaching is dedicated time to unlock what’s been holding you back and to help shift you into that future-you lifestyle. Dedicated and focused time together + space to dream big = magical results.


Shannon’s meditations are now available for purchase:”Recharge Your Energy” meditation allows you to clear any extra energy you’ve been feeling that’s been keeping you out of alignment. This is a great meditation for grounding yourself and releasing emotions that no longer serve you.”Artist Affirmations” is a powerful affirmation meditation designed to give you a confidence, motivation and energy boost. These affirmations will change your mood, calm your anxiety and allow you to claim your power back.”Connecting With Your Future Self” meditation is designed to bring your attention to the biggest motivator in your life.. your “why” – why are you going after your dreams in the first place. Through this meditation you connect with the deep feelings, experiences and support that future self carries, allowing you to bring that to present you.

$20.00 USD


Bundle the Three $50.00 USD

New Client Introductory Call

Take 30 minutes to get to know Shannon as she gets to know you. If you are not sure which service fits your needs- this session will give you clarity on how Shannon can help you.

Duration: 30 minutes$75.00 USD