Mindset Services

Mind Body Actor ™

Mind Body Actor ™ is Shannon's first and only in-person event. This three hour intensive focuses on the MIND by uncovering actor limiting beliefs, the BODY- realigning and grounding actors with energy work, and being an ACTOR- which is all about learning how to release your truth as a storyteller. The intensive ends with an actor networking cocktail hour. Guaranteed- the most high-vibe actor event you've ever been to!

Sunday, October 16th 2-5PM PST

Mindset Transformation Program

Think of this program as life coaching for creatives but with a main focus on mindset, energy work and manifestation. Shannon teaches you 12 transformative topics that come with mastering energy and mindset. These topics cover everything from releasing limiting beliefs, manifesting your dream life, understanding the energy centers in your body, and more! This program is designed to transform your life and get you feeling like you're the master of your mind and reality. This is the most transformative experience you can get working with Shannon and is done in a 12 week group setting, 12 week one on one setting, or a 24 week one on one setting.

Mindset Maintenance

This is a month to month option holding your mindset accountable for specific needs. Let's say you have a big audition, family or life event happening that you need some mindset coaching around- this service is done in a life coaching format offering you specific support and guidance around any of your needs.

Duration: One 45 minute sessions
$250.00 USD


Shannon's meditations are now available for purchase:

"Recharge Your Energy" meditation allows you to clear any extra energy you've been feeling that's been keeping you out of alignment. This is a great meditation for grounding yourself and releasing emotions that no longer serve you.

"Artist Affirmations" is a powerful affirmation meditation designed to give you a confidence, motivation and energy boost. These affirmations will change your mood, calm your anxiety and allow you to claim your power back.

"Connecting With Your Future Self" meditation is designed to bring your attention to the biggest motivator in your life.. your "why" - why are you going after your dreams in the first place. Through this meditation you connect with the deep feelings, experiences and support that future self carries, allowing you to bring that to present you.

$20.00 USD


Bundle the Three $50.00 USD

New Client Introductory Call

Take 30 minutes to get to know Shannon as she gets to know you. If you are not sure which service fits your needs- this session will give you clarity on how Shannon can help you.

Duration: 30 minutes
$75.00 USD

Journal with a Purpose Intensive

Does this sound like you? You have a journal… but you never use it because you don’t know what you write about. You have goals but don’t know how to break them down into tangible tasks. You have so many good ideas but don’t know how to execute them. You want to find inspiration but don’t know where to pull from.

Don’t worry, I used to feel lost too… This hour-long intensive is designed to help you grow, heal, prioritize and manifest your desires through journaling. You’ll even get to take home a 10 page workbook that’ll outline different topics to journal about. So many magical things have happened through my personal journaling. I’ve manifested jobs, relationships, outcomes and money. I’ve worked through emotional triggers. I’ve managed goals for myself. I’ve learned to celebrate myself and love myself unconditionally. It all starts with writing it down.

YOU hold the power in your thoughts and desires. YOU can create and organize a beautiful life for yourself. Let me show you how.

*This workshop is offered every 8-12 weeks*

Duration: 1 hour
$100.00 USD

Journal with a Purpose for Teens Intensive

In this class, girls will learn in a small group setting how to: - Set intentions for the day - Use affirmations - Practice mindful exercises - Get specific around attracting your dreams - Learn how to celebrate yourself - Reprogram negative thoughts and break down fears - Journal with purpose! *They will also get a take home workbook created for this class*

This intimate setting will have no more than six girls in a class so everyone can participate. It’s a space set for positivity and mindfulness. My goal is to get these young girls feeling confident about who they are, love every part of themselves, help them find their voice and create a positive reality. Interested?

STEPS: 1. Gather your friends or siblings who want to join 2. Pick a date that works for your group (each person must sign up separately). 3. You’re in! Get ready for an hour of fun, positivity and growth!

*This workshop is offered every 8-12 weeks*

Duration: 1 hour
$130.00 USD

Your mindset is your full time job, everything else is your side hustle