Reignite Your Acting Career

Find Your Community, Shift Your Mindset, Unlock Your True Potential as an Actor

The career of an actor is often filled with high highs and low lows. Those lows can open the door to doubt, and feelings of not-enoughness if your mindset isn’t on point.

Let’s be honest… it also can get kinda lonely.

This industry is competitive, and sometimes it feels like the comparison game is everyone’s favorite sport. It makes finding your place – your community – challenging. But when you do find your people, it’s pure magic. ✨

Mind Body Actor is designed to give you that place and introduce you to your ultimate acting community.

You’ve heard the phrase “You are the five people you surround yourself with.”And you know what? It’s true!

You need

the mindset tools to pull yourself back up. To know you aced your audition, even if you didn’t book it.

You need

the skills in your craft and the self-worth to stand firm in your power no matter the outside influences. (Because let’s face it, in this industry they will always come.)

You need

to find fellow actors who are just like you. Who are open and available for growth and up-leveling. Who are looking for that support in their career just like you are.

When you lift others as you climb, the road to success is so much sweeter. It also feels so much better!Maybe until now, you’ve been missing the right people surrounding you and cheering you on. But you aren’t meant to do it all alone.

When you surround yourself with working actors, you see what’s possible for yourself. It’s tangible, you can feel it as if it is already yours. Next thing you know, you’re booking and spending your days on set. You become a working actor.

When you surround yourself with like-minded creatives who are just as obsessed with having a meaningful and successful acting career as you are, you elevate what’s possible for yourself and each other. You create together and cheer each other on for every win.

You become that actor that everyone looks to for inspiration because you are actually doing ???? the  ???? damn ???? thing. If you want to attract a new reality into your life, first you must become it.

What if ONE day could shift your current reality?

A day where you get to go from…

✨A solo actTo having your very own community of like-minded actors by your side.✨Not seeing the career momentum that you’ve been cravingTo attracting the exact opportunities you’ve been waiting for (hello, exceptional reps and incredible auditions!).✨Comparison Queen (or King)To finding true freedom in your craft and showing up authentically to your scene work and auditions.✨Burnt out and exhaustedTo reinvigorated and ready to step into what has always been meant for you.

Oh, hello Future You.

For the past few years, we have all been missing that opportunity to connect and work together in person. Now that the opportunity is back, I’ve dreamed up the perfect day to bring my Shannon Bills Coaching community together IN-PERSON. A day full of focused coaching from me to unlock huge wins plus the ultimate actor Meet & Mingle party to help you find your people.I am beyond excited to introduce you to the ultimate actor education – the M.B.A.

Mind Body Actor ™

A Day of High-Vibe Coaching and Networking at Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach.

Take back your spark, find your people, reignite your passion for your career, and start living the dream life, already!

Did your “M.B.A.” come with mindset and energy work taught by someone who works in casting? This M.B.A. does 😉

Mind Body Actor ™ is my all-new in-person intensive where you’ll get an energetic “Master’s Degree” in acting that is guaranteed to elevate your career. All while sipping champagne (or your drink of choice) in an intimate group setting in the exclusive high-vibe space that is Hotel Erwin.

Since one of the pillars of a good education is the social scene (where you find your lifelong people), M.B.A. is designed to give you that community. To bring like-minded actors together to unlock huge wins and leave with a new group of people to journey with you as you step into your dream acting career.

M.B.A. will teach you all the vital info that other courses leave out. It’s not just about your technical skills as an actor, but who you are and what you embody, that sets you apart.

Your energy and mindset matter. Successful working actors know this. They’ve found their secret sauce and they have the mindset tools to back it up.

As a former Casting Associate (Superstore, American Housewife, and many more) I have years of first-hand experience of what it looks like when incredibly talented actors hold themselves back. I’ve helped so many actors release blocks and limiting beliefs, step into their authenticity and find their own secret sauce. To go from never having booked to Series Regular.

At Mind Body Actor ™, I’m bringing it all to you.

Shannon, what you create is so powerful. I’m a different person, and that’s why I’m sticking with you because I finally am able to connect to this light of myself. I started booking, and I’ve never felt more confident. I always had that drive in me, and Shannon has given me the tools.


Mind Body Actor ™

The MIND of an actor:

Together we’ll work through my proven exercises to shed limiting beliefs around comparison, jealousy, the cap on your happiness, running out of time, and rejection. So you can move forward having released what has been holding you back.

The BODY of an actor:

Next, we will focus on energy work. Re-aligning the energy centers of your body through chakra healings, breath work, tapping, and grounding exercises. These tools are proven to help you align energetically with the life you have been working so hard to achieve. It doesn’t have to be hard. When your vibration is matched to what you want, it will flow into your life easily and abundantly.

The Whole ACTOR: (your essence and authenticity)

Learn how to reveal your truth. To understand the many versions of you that exist and to trust and love every part of yourself and your craft. When you have the tools to consistently show up authentically to build the life you want – and not the life others may want for you – you’ll experience unprecedented growth.

Meet and Mingle

We’ll end the afternoon with a high-vibe cocktail hour on the rooftop at Hotel Erwin — think epic views overlooking the ocean. Sip and socialize, network and build connections. To hold space for each other’s goals and wins. Sip some wine, snack on some charcuterie, and meet your new people. All with prompts from me so you can network like a pro.

M.B.A. – A day of in-person coaching and connection where we unlock huge career shifts together

Hearing from people, their vulnerability, it’s so powerful. I leave every one of these classes with Shannon being like, ‘Oh my god! This girl just booked and I know her.’ To watch you guys on TV — you’re working actors, and you’re doing it. You all inspire me so much, and it’s changed the person that I want to be, being around people like you.


If the thought of networking is scary (*terrifying for some of us, I know) or something you’re “bad” at, I’ve got two things to remind you of …

✨First, we’ll crush that limiting belief earlier in the day. ✨Second, you are worthy enough to be in this space and connect with other enlightened actors. Right now, just as you are.

It wasn’t until I received some tools and talks with Shannon that I learned how to invite higher vibe energy into my life and know it’s okay to take a moment of downtime for myself without fearing I’m losing out on opportunities. I’ve learned to bring in more light, set boundaries, goals, and even landed new representation in the Atlanta market through this journey. I’m forever thankful.


So are you ready? 

To transform?To unlock your potential and meet some great people along the way?

I guarantee this will be the most high-vibe actor event you’ve ever been to. That you will come out feeling lighter and having fallen in love with acting and yourself again.

The When and Where:Sunday, October 16th 2PM-5PM PSTHotel Erwin in Venice Beach, CA

The Fun Details to Look Forward to:

*Valet parking*Champagne greeting*Pictures on the step and repeat*Mindset and energy upleveling*Community building*Exclusive discount codes for future coaching services*Basket Raffle- with lots of fun goodies including a Burke Williams Spa gift card*GORGEOUS ocean views

*Drinks, charcuterie and tray passed appetizers*In-person coaching led by Shannon*Journal & Pen for notes and takeaways

The Investment:

$375Payment Plans are available

Shannon has changed so much for me. I am a different actor. I am calmer and more confident in my work and everyday life. I am taking risks, checking my priorities, and learning so much about myself even months after working with her. Genuinely feel lighter. She is the best thing I’ve spent my money on and a genuine soul. I cannot recommend her enough and I am so thankful.



Call in the dream life – the booked and blessed life – the one you’ve been dreaming of for so long. With the ultimate actor education, I’ll show you how.

Mind Body Actor ™