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10 ways an actor can feel


              in their life

A guide by mindset coach Shannon Bills

Shannon BillsShannon Bills

Are you tired of hearing “NO”?

Being an actor is not a glamorous life. But you know what feels glamorous? Seeing the opportunity in your desires. Not playing it “safe” by going after jobs you think you should have to make your family happy… because you’re going after something that lights you up. You are following your dreams. Not many people can do that. But here you are, doing it!

Shannon Bills

I know this industry can feel draining. I was an actor for over 10 years of my life and worked as a casting associate the last seven years.

Most actors I would see for a role would actually give some great takes! We would even send about a quarter of those auditions to producers. But most of the time you will not hear how much casting liked your tape. You will not hear how far your tape might have gone to being cast. You just hear “no” or nothing at all.

So let this guide allow you to release some of the pressure off yourself. There’s a lot that is out of your control as an actor, but there’s also a lot that’s in your control that you can focus on.

Do you…

Spend your weekdays in every class and workshop you can find?
Spend hours preparing for an audition that’s less than two minutes long?
Spend any free time you have at your day job trying to support yourself?
Hear the word “no” or receive zero feedback on auditions you are proud of?

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