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Journal With A


A 10-page guided journaling workbook created by mindset coach Shannon Bills

It’s time...

It’s time to declare what you want and take action around it in a simple effective way.


In my 17 years of journaling, I've manifested jobs, relationships, apartments, and money. I've let go of emotional triggers, managed goals for myself, and learned to love myself unconditionally... all through journaling!

There’s no “wrong way” to journal. Most people just don’t know where to start…

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You'll find 10 pages of my favorite ways to practice mindfulness writing. Have fun!

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Are you someone who...

Has a journal... but never used it because you didn't know what to write about?
Has specific goals but doesn't know how to break them down into tasks to execute?

Journal With A Purpose
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Your mindset is your full time job, everything else is your side hustle