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3 Energy Practices to Uplevel Your Acting Career

Uncover your power as an actor with transformative energy and mindset tools to create a desirable acting career

If you’re someone who hasn’t been able to get signed, desires more auditions, more callbacks, more bookings.. Someone who wants to start feeling good about their career in acting.. I’m going to show you how simple and fun it is to change your life as an actor.

In this FREE LIVE class, I’ll be teaching you some of my favorite mindset topics and energy techniques that have helped so many of my students change their acting careers and align with their dream life.

You may be wondering…

How are Shannon’s mindset students booking co-star, guest star, and series regular roles after years of having no luck?Well, they’ve all learned how to align their energy and mindset with anything they desire.

Not only are they now booking… But they’re discovering all the incredible benefits that come with mindset and energy work.

Results you can expect from mindset and energy work:

Booking steady acting gigs, allowing you to leave the waiter / nanny job.

Aligning with the perfect agent or manager that sees and helps facilitate your vision and goals.

Releasing the pressure and outcome from auditions.

Allowing the ebbs and flows of your auditions, pins and bookings to not control your life.

How does this work?

I’m sure you’ve learned in an acting class to speak with intention… Well, when it comes to manifesting something you want- you have to give your energy and thoughts intention.

I’ve been studying mindset and energy work for years and have learned the best techniques to shift your current reality.Learn a little bit more about how this all started for me in the video below.

Mindset Student Success

DeDe Nicholson

Not only did this work provide so many valuable lessons and tools that I will have for the rest of my life, but it helped me to create some momentum in many areas of my life. I signed with a new manager, auditioned more than I ever have, and called in a wonderful job opportunity, and I don’t think I could’ve done this without doing this specific work daily. I have a newfound peace within myself, and I feel a massive shift internally. Thank you, Shannon!


Sean James

After working with Shannon… I found my direction. That direction then led me to 3 bookings (2 of them recurring) that kept me busy WELL into 2022, and they afforded me the luxury of acting being my only “job” so far this year. What she gave me cannot be understated, and I have truly turned a corner in my career and life as a result. Any person in the world would be lucky to have her wisdom and insight in their life!


Lisette Alexis

In this program, I realized a lot of my limitations had to do with negative beliefs I had about myself that were not serving me in any way. In this program, I was given the challenge to transform my mindset. With some energy work, I started to trust in my capabilities and have more faith in the unknown. I trust my divine path, and I learned that my dreams desire me too! It will always be a process, but I now have the tools to call in higher vibrational thoughts that bring strong, positive emotions into my life. In fact, I am attracting long term desires in the form of bigger opportunities. I just booked the lead of a Disney+ series, and I could not be more humbled! I am more confident in myself and in who I am now, and I feel incredibly excited about all of the future possibilities. What joy! This class is truly a gift.


Wednesday December 14, 2022
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